Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Vastu for bathroom

The bathroom or toilet adjacent to the southest corner in the east direction is very useful as the morning sunrays coming from east side falls on your bodyand kills the germs. It can also be constructed in the west or north of northwest or in the southwest corners. The seat should be preferably placed on North-South axis. Bathroom should not be placed in the Northest or southwest zone of the bedroom. The washbasin can be placed in the Northern or eastern area.

The geyser can be placed in the southeastrn, South or east or northwest zone of the bathroom. As per Mayamata, an ancient text, the bathroom should be beautiful, free from dirt, hair, and decorated with flowers, Plants and fragrant substances. The Colors should be light, refreshing such as light blue, green, off white etc. A lot of natural light, air and ventilation is the basic requirement of this part of the house.

Pandit Ketan bhargav shastri one of best astrologer in India helps you to make your bathroom according to vastu. So that you can live a healthy life. All the guidelines of Vastu are scientist,logical, practical and supported by universal facts. the magnetic energy of the earth and solar energy are best tapped by adopting the basics of these sciences.

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